STEP1 住友電工を知るMessage for Visitor

Message for Visitor

「Glorious Excellent Company」を
Mission of Sumitomo Electric
Aiming to become a “Glorious Excellent Company”.
The Sumitomo Electric Group, guided by the Sumitomo Spirit and the Sumitomo Electric Group Corporate Principles, unwaveringly upholds its basic policy of making social contribution by engaging in fair and open business activities. Since the founding of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. in 1897, the Group has developed and delivered many new technologies and products through innovative R&D activities based on the prowess of its production engineering capabilities in electric wires and power cables.
Today, standing on the firm foundation of our accumulated creative technologies, we are ready to leap to new heights in our five business segments of “Automotive,” “Information & Communications,” “Electronics,” “Environment and Energy” and “Industrial Materials”.
At the Sumitomo Electric Group, we remain committed to vigorously carrying out the responsibility of “supporting people’s living,” which we have been fulfilling since the day of our foundation.
住友電工グループでは「Glorious Excellent Company」を旗印に、確かな企業理念と持続的な成長力を併せ持った企業グループの実現に取り組んでいます。現在では、アジア、アメリカ、ヨーロッパを中心として、世界40カ国以上に約416社、28万人を超える社員を擁する企業グループに成長しています。今後さらにグローバル化を目指す住友電工グループではさまざまな国の文化やビジネス習慣にも柔軟に対応できる、優秀でコミュニケーション能力に優れた「グローバルリーダー」の素質をもった人材を求めています。その人材の1人として多様な価値観と豊富な経験を擁する皆さんが必要だと感じています。
Message to students studying abroad
Under the slogan “Glorious Excellent Company,” the Sumitomo Electric Group will sincerely endeavor to be a corporate entity that is endowed both with firm and upright corporate principles and true vitality that can achieve sustained growth. Currently, we have around 416 organizations in more than forty countries around the world, mainly in Asia, America ,Europe and Africa with 280,000 people working for the Group. With the ambition of further promoting the globalization of our global business, we look for excellent personnel who have the aptitude to become “global leaders,” equipped with superb communication skills and flexibility in coping with diverse foreign cultures and business practices. Considering it important to include into organization people with diverse values and various experiences , Sumitomo Electric Group sees non-Japanese students as having great potential to be such leaders contributing to the Group.
If you agree with our corporate principles why not join us to create something new and valuable for people all over the world? A wide variety of choices and opportunities are awaiting you.
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